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Sound4Sina is Taking A New Turn

Gadgets InvertedYou might have noticed some changes on the blog.
I have trimmed down a bunch of stuff and added several lines of new code (!) to the blog. And… started promoting my newsletter(s). Here’s the rundown:

What happened to the old landing page?

The old landing page ( has been retired, and a new page is to be launched soon. Meanwhile, a new temporary landing page has replaced the old one.
Most of the old content is still available through search engines, since I figured that they seem to have only a few visitors anyway. They will be transferred to the new website at some point.

All was foretold me; naught
Could I foresee;
But I learn’d how the wind would sound
After these things should be.
– Edward Thomas, The New House

You haven’t released any new EP Mixes. Why not? Will they come back?

I didn’t have enough time to work on the mix sets, and the EP Mixes were not priority, unfortunately. However, I will bring back the EP Mixes and keep releasing them bimonthly (every two months) to start with, and I may be able to allow guest submissions for a new mix series. (Haven’t figured out the name yet!)

What other plans do you have?

I am actually not driven by any guidelines or must-do’s. The music was always a side-project of mine, but I figured that the website needed a face lift and perhaps a new direction. Mostly so I can get back on track with the music again, and start working on some new projects.

I just come to your website to download free music. What about me?

I am trying to figure out a way to distribute my music that differ from the tradition “click and download”. And I don’t mean that the content will be monetized or that I will charge for anything. No, actually I just want to allow a better stream of followers rather than single visitors that don’t engage. While I had a good amount of followers throughout the years, the mailing lists that I had, contained too many bounce-backs. Hotmail, Aol and Yahoo seem to be obsolete these days :)

What can I do?

All I ask for is that you enter your email (and name, although optional) so I can start fresh with a new mailing list to offer better marketing campaigns and awesome newsletters.

Of course, this is partly to comply with CAN-SPAM and Swedish Marketing Act (Swedish Code of Statutes, SFS 1995:450).

[Disclaimer: I will be using Mailchimp as a provider, which is way better than my previous mailing system.]

Whitney Houston – How Will I Know (Sina & Niko Schwind Remix)

If you’ve listened to March EP27 Progressive Mix then you most likely know that I made a tribute to Whitney Houston by playing a mashup version of ‘How Will I Know‘, but I soon realized that I should’ve recorded or remixed an entire track in memory of this wonderful talent.  So here it is! Nearly 10 minutes of Progressive House and Whitney Houston for your pleasure! Extended Version, yes sir.

The song was initially recorded in 1984 and was released in November 1985 on Clive Davis’ old recording label ‘Arista Records’ that was owned and run by Sony Music Entertainment until its final days in 2011. Interestingly, Janet Jackson was supposed to sing ‘How Will I Know’, but she passed on it. The song even hit the TV show Glee!

It’s a free download, and weighs in at 21.7 MB @ 320 kbps. The original song was written in G  major with 120 BPM with an exquisite chord sequence consisting G-Bm7-C7-D-Em.

Download Whitney Houston – How Will I Know (Sina & Niko Schwind Remix)


Ethnic Chillout meet Disco Music: Sina ft. Bahramji & Mashti

A few months ago, I received a YouTube message from a quite interesting person. It was a short and brief message in response to one of my music video uploads. To my surprise, it was signed Mashti, which is the alter ego of an ethnic chillout artist, known for his tremendesouly perfected collaborations with Bahramji. I had uploaded several of their songs from the album Sufiyan, mainly as a way to promote their work and show my appreciation to their immensely harmonic and soothing music.

I became aware of Bahramji by coincidence, of my assertively dedication to Digitally Imported in 2005. In fact, the Chillout music channel was broadcasting continuously in my speakers, many days up to 16 hours. Internet radio was in its infancy days, and á la carte streaming services were not publically offered, hence making DI the major internet radio provider that streamed unlimited electronic music. I spent much time listening to Downbeat and Chillout, which included Buddha Bar compilations and mixes. It inspired me to start exploring and learning more about these genres.

In early 2011, I released Sina ft. Bahramji and Mashti – Soul Awareness, and now I am, little more than a year after releasing that track, releasing yet another experimental track, Blue Nile Runaway (2012 Disco Remix). It is available for download on my website and blog, and of course on YouTube (for listening).

Track info: 320 kbps 110 BPM Song key: A m

More music by Bahramji & Mashti

Please take a minute to listen to other music tracks by Bahramji and Mashti.  You can support the artists by purchasing their tracks.

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