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Artful Redemption – November EP17 Mix

I just want to let you know that the new EP Mix will be released on Monday, November 10. The mix has been delayed, I know! I hope that there is forgiveness out there – as Ivern Ball once said:

“Most of us can forgive and forget; we just don’t want the other person to forget that we forgave”

…so please, bear with me. I can only promise that the mix will be something which only happens once in a blue moon – great transitions and powerful punches of deep progressive house and some of my favourite tracks from the past 2 months. I shall never resignate from my duty as your EP servant, I shall always stand tall next to my fellow S4S mates and feed you with all the best from the mysterious world of Sonido Electronico!

If you want to live a long life, focus on making contributions

Sina vs. Dariush – Our Iran (Extended Progressive Mix)

Up for some Persian Electronic music? Well, here’s a fresh mix that is up for free (download). It’s called ‘Our Iran’ which has vocal samples of Dariush’s song ‘Bachehaye Iran’. Very, very nice remix!

Progressive house with the very own funky bass line, swingin’ beat and wonderful piano and orchestral strings. (From a previous post in late November 2006)

The new (extended) version is available for download:

Download Xin’aa – Our Iran (Extended Progressive Mix) | 320kbps


Sound4Sina: We’re back

We’re back! Yet another season, now focusing on electro house and even more progressive house.

I myself have a couple of unreleased songs; still working on them… :)
I also know that our crew will have some bigger releases for the autumn 2007.

And I am expanding my gear, yippie!

Hasta luego!

What about the summer?

I know…I promised to avoid music production during the summer season..
BUT, I just want to share the information regarding the Autumn Mixes 2007. I’ll be mixing and producing music from the deep-progg-house/techno producer Christian Paduraru which I’ve mixed before in my monthly EP mixes. Some tasty demo will be up as soon as I’ve re-mastered the first song (it’s a demo song… although it has a decent vibe) (H)

 Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have played and mixed another song for the “Persian Progressive Remixes” which is called “Naameh” (I wrote you a Letter). The first two songs (Our Iran and Gole Maryam) have been seeded and leeched (uploaded and download) from various torrent (p2p) sites as promo materials. However, I can tell that the compilation for the album is not finished in its entirety…oh no, not yet… :)