Do I like Sara Varga or not?

This non-important issue has surged within me ever since… I saw her (Sara Varga) for the first time! I don’t know whether she really is talented or not, and, quite frankly, I don’t think her skills are that impressing as she is describes it. Come on girl, from doing some (not so good) DJ sets to being a “sing and songwriter” and a writer.

I’ll continue to write songs as long as my heart is beating, and I hope that you’ll enjoy listening to them. Each and every song has their own story to tell and they are all related to me and my life, but I really hope that you can relate to them as well.

My complaint list is just too shallow (hah) to be written here, but she could at least:

  • keep her voice in tune when singing those deep ooo’s and high iiii’s
  • be a better role model for those shallow youngsters
  • get rid of those hair extensions
  • get herself a marketer (check her website and be the judge)

I would suggest her to choose between either being a DJ, a sing and songwriter or a writer. I always believed that girls could keep track on multiple tasks… but hey, she ain’t that skilled – who cares, right!?
Once again, be the judge – I am probably putting my feet in my mouth by writing all this, but it’s just my honest opinions. And Sara, if you someday somehow, by searching your own name in Google, find this post, please don’t get mad! I shook your hand and you continued playing that funky house track. Thanks for the time being and a sincere Good Luck wish to you :-)