EP28 Electric Daisy Beats 2012: The Warm-up Mixtape

A Musical Mimesis of the Altai-Sayan region in context of Electric Daisy Carnival

Tuva is a republic within the Russian Federation that lies approximately 2,500 miles east of Moscow, in a sparsely settled land surrounded by forests and grassland. The Tuvans are in fact Turkic people. The Tuvan population is 300,000 occupying an area that extends roughly 500 miles east to west and 300 miles north to south. Tuvan herders have traditionally been animists, which means that they typically ascribe spiritual power to natural phenomena and pray to the spirits. The echo that results from singing close to a cliff, and the interactions of a human voice with the gurgling water of a brook or the swishing air currents of a strong wind, may be imbued with spiritual power.

Living creatures, no less than inanimate places or landscapes, manifest spiritual power through sound. The iconic imitation of natural sounds among Tuvans underscore the importance of sound as a physical stimulus and a mimesis of movement or physical expression, such as dance. Now, Tuvans don’t possess electronic music equipment such as a Pioneer CDJ-players or Traktor controllers hooked up to a MacBook. Instead, they rely on throat-singing which require a heck-load of laryngal tension and nasal resonance, much like an electronic phaser and cutoff filter — musically speaking, of course. [Skipping my shortlist of various styles such as sygyt ‘whistle’ (Tuvan word) and other weird-sounding onomatopoeic words.]

In the early 1990’s, Tuvan music began to reach an audience beyond Tuva itself through recordings and concert tours. Their ensembles capitalized on widespread interest in “world music”; jazz, techno and other avant-garde appropriations. The Tuvan territory, sitting in the mind-blowing Altai-Sayan region of Siberia, has a (nearly) identical land area of Nevada where Electric Daisy Carnival is taking place. The music in Tuva is one of many musical roots depicted in modern music, and yet another indispensable piece of musical history that has caused ethnic intermingling.

Below is my uzun yry ‘long song’ contribution to EDC 2012, with the New York (NJ MetLife Stadium) event on May 19-20 slowly approaching, and the main EDC summer event in Las Vegas lurking…


Peter Dundov & Gregor Tresher – Duo Tone
Aril Brikha – Glaciär/For Minou (Original Mix)
Aril Brikha – Palma (Original Mix)
Tony Kairom – Minimal Flute (Original Mix)
TJ Kong – Perfect 11 (Original Mix)
Kellerkind – Backflash (Original Mix)
Nicky Romero – Tension (Vocal Mix)
Rene Amesz & Ruell – Hope (Original Club Mix)
Beltek – Party Voice (Original Mix)
Chromeo – Needy Girl (Oscillator Z Remix)
Umek & Beltek – Firewalk (Original Club Mix)
Laidback Luke ft. Daniele Petronelli – I Need Your Loving (Daniele Petronelli Remix)

Download EP28 Electric Daisy Beats 2012
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