Karmarouge Recs.

Karmarouge is successfully engaging as a music label and booking agency in electronic music for more than two years now. Karmarouges Philosophy is to release intelligent and valuable productions, to discover young talented artists and to support them. Above that Karmarouges declared goals are to convince with innovation and authenticity in marketing. An example for that is the Vegetable Orchestra Trilogy.

The Karmarouge Records booking unit was founded in order to provide booking services for the Karmarouge Records label-artists. Being deeply involved in the international electronic music culture, we as an agency are a counterpart for artists, promoters an for all working professionals who like to take part.

What ever the future will bring, whatever will be, one thing is for sure – Karmarouge is constantly moving on its chosen path and will delight the community with first class releases and addictive artist bookings in the future too.

Minimal goes maximal emotional!