November EP26 Infinite Minimal Mix

This 74 minute long mixset starts off with Pryda and his Loaded, slowly transitioning into trashy and raw techno with a sample of the Underground Resistance-type of monotonous sirens that makes you go daft. 24 minutes into this frenzy mix, I let the German trooper Boris Brejcha wreak havoc with the track The Signal followed by Yeah! from his album My Name Is… (2010). Talk about monotonous awesomeness!

Halfway into EP26, I slowly turn the melodic roughness into a  mellow vocal and progressive track by Algorhythm ft. Vangosh with I Don’t Know How. This track truly has the colorful vocals that is borderline House. So it continues with…eh… what better than some Portuguese Tech House featuring Thom Eduardo and Dirty House Bastards with my own twist of the track Maluca. Brazil with love, as seen (and heard) on EP26 for January 2009!

The latin techno track soon fades into even more sweet vocals, now by OnePhatDeeva and the talented Aydin The Funki Chile, more widely known as A.T.F.C (Aydin Hasirci) with Bad Habit, mixed by Spen & KarizmaA few minimal and techy tracks later, I go all in for some Electro House, more precisely Daniele Sorrenti with the killer track Cyborg that is followed by one of my favorite minimal tracks. Let’s keep this gem a secret by not disclosing its name, alright?! Good news is that this mixset ends with Mario Miranda’s mix on Daniele Petronelli and his track Bukfeis that was released on the Italian No-Logik Records. There is a secret message about Facebook in the song. I will let you explore it in more detail, so check it out…

You can either listen on this DJ mix here, or download it. Enjoy!