Kraftwerk’s debut performance in LA: opens Disney Hall gig with Autobahn & Radioactivity

Kraftwerk LiveIt has been nearly 4 months since I announced that Kraftwerk will be taking the center stage at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. And last night was their debut performance, which included ‘Autobahn’, followed by ‘Radioactivity’.

The first set started at 7:30 p.m. and offered the 1974 release of ‘Autobahn’ which was Kraftwerk’s debut album.

At 10:30 p.m., the quartet took the stage again to perform its second album ‘Radioactivity’ from 1975.

And I am glad to have tickets for the Thursday performance, at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday’s first performance will be ‘Computer World’, which is one of my absolute favorite albums that Kraftwerk has released. I have been impatient about this concert, and can’t wait to experience the surround-sound setup with the 3-D graphics interchanged with glimpses of retro art. The excruciating wait is ending soon.
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Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora remodeling 80’s electro funk classic ‘Set It Off’ into Deep House

Tube & Berger, Juliet SikoraWhenever I come across a kickass track, I put it on replay and start analyzing the heck out of it. And Tube & Berger‘s latest release ‘Set It Off’ is one of those hard-to-let-go tracks. It is a solid deep house track. It really defines deep house, and the development of electro funk and house music. I just have to preoccupy my mind with it. And I love doing that.

I have little knowledge about Juliet Sikora and her role in this track, but I recall her as a line-up DJ, and less of a producer. Her SoundCloud page has a bunch of collaborative tracks and a few DJ sets, but her skills as a producer has been a bit unknown to me. Well, till I heard ‘Set It Off’, which is a collaboration with the German duo Tube & Berger (Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic). They seem to have worked together on several other tracks. ‘Set It Off’ was released in late December 2013 on Kittball Records and has been rocking the deep house list on Beatport ever since.
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Kraftwerk in Los Angeles, CA for 2014 Tour, 8 shows

Kraftwerk LiveThe perception of music and its unification with our senses is a well-studied area. I remember being 8 years old, using a pair of (vintage) Technics headphones as a microphone to record all kinds of random noises. “Headphones as a microphone?” you may ask yourself. Well, by using the left side of the membrane as a microphone, it is actually possible. In some way, I figured this out and started recording my own beatboxing sessions and voice-overs.

Spontaneously, along with my daily karaoke sessions sitting on the floor next to my family’s rack-mounted Technics HiFi setup, I soon found tapes (Compact Cassette) with music. Kraftwerk, Yanni, Depeche Mode. Mind was blown. Away. “Sweet music”, I thought. And that was it.

Kraftwerk started my musical journey which led me into the depths of electronic music, experimental music and sound modulation. So it would be a bit of an understatement to say that I’m an avid EDM fan. I dedicated my entire youth to electronic music and soundscaping. And all of it is thanks to one single band. A band that influenced me so much. And my admiration is far and beyond what words can explain.

I’ve recorded a bunch of covers on various Kraftwerk songs. This track is a remix of “The Robots” played on a Yamaha PSR-2000. “We’re the Robots” (Oriental Downbeat remix).

Kraftwerk GIF

Kraftwerk is back!

The band will perform at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA on March 18-21, 2014.

Kraftwerk – The Catalogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 is a chronological exploration of their sonic and visual experiments, showcasing eight classic master works from across their celebrated repertoire with spectacular 3D visualizations and effects.

Kraftwerk’s technological innovation and minimalism resonates deeply throughout modern music. Their albums have had a worldwide influence across a wide range of music genres.

Kraftwerk’s technological innovation and minimalism resonates deeply throughout modern music. Their albums have had a worldwide influence across a wide range of music genres. With their visions of the future, Kraftwerk created the soundtrack for the digital age of the 21st century.

Combining sound and images, the performances showcase 40 years of musical and technical innovation, including new improvisations, 3-D projections and animation. Commencing with Autobahn, each performance covers one of Kraftwerk’s groundbreaking studio albums in full and appear in order of their release — Autobahn (1974), Radio-Activity (1975), Trans Europe Express (1977), The Man-Machine (1978), Computer World (1981), Techno Pop (1986), The Mix (1991) and Tour de France (2003) — alongside additional compositions from their back catalog.

  • 1 Autobahn (1974), Tuesday, March 18, 7:30 PM
  • 2 Radio-Activity (1975), Tuesday, March 18, 10:30 PM
  • 3 Trans Europe Express (1977), Wednesday, March 19, at 7:30 PM
  • 4 The Man-Machine (1978), Wednesday, March 19, at 10:30 PM
  • 5 Computer World (1981), Thursday, March 20, at 7:30 PM
  • 6 Techno Pop (1986), Thursday, March 20, 10:30 PM
  • 7 The Mix (1991), Friday, March 21, 7:30 PM
  • 8 Tour de France (2003), March 21, 10:30 PM

The tickets are not for sale, but you can register for the chance to get access to the tickets on December 11 when they start selling them.

It is possible to buy up to four (4) tickets in total, across the eight shows.

This show will be my second time attending a live concert with Kraftwerk. My previous concert was in Malmoe, Sweden (on Saturday 19 May, 2001) when Karl Bartos was on his tour. His single “15 Minutes of Fame” came out the previous year, in 2000, and he was promoted his new music. The 2014 Los Angeles concerts will be Kraftwerk’s first L.A. dates since 2005.