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Artful Redemption – November EP17 Mix

I just want to let you know that the new EP Mix will be released on Monday, November 10. The mix has been delayed, I know! I hope that there is forgiveness out there – as Ivern Ball once said:

“Most of us can forgive and forget; we just don’t want the other person to forget that we forgave”

…so please, bear with me. I can only promise that the mix will be something which only happens once in a blue moon – great transitions and powerful punches of deep progressive house and some of my favourite tracks from the past 2 months. I shall never resignate from my duty as your EP servant, I shall always stand tall next to my fellow S4S mates and feed you with all the best from the mysterious world of Sonido Electronico!

If you want to live a long life, focus on making contributions

iPhone Blues Song & Q’ing for the iPhone

Finally! The date we all have been longing for – July 11th 2008 – the Official release of the iPhone 2.0

I’ve been TWiT’ing (This Week in Tech) for a couple of hours, joining the live broadcast of Leo Laporte. A new Guiness World Record has been set by some die hard iPhone fans (a.k.a geeks) in New York in front of the the “cube” at Apple Store. Although the AT&T plans has been set to (IMO) ridiculous prices (not mentioning the Swedish TeliaSonera’s) (former Telia) price plans for the iPhone. I haven’t deep digged into the plans, but comments and critics has been buzzing around the Internet. I myself have been exploring the world of intelligent marketing and product placing for the new era of tech products.

I wonder how many people where standing in queue for the Zune on its premiere release in mid November 2006. The self-explained marketing strategy of Apple products has been far beyond any conventional product release. The hype over the iPhone is truly amazing and I wish Apple all the best :)

iPhone Blues Song

It would simply be very wrong to end this post without relating it to something musical, so I would like to present the iPhone Blues Song for you. A lyric funky blues track contributed by phunkysai. :lol: It’s just great and appropriate for this gizwiz-happening! (Gizwiz, a Dick DeBartolo term for new tech gadgets).