The present is beneath, the future in front


I know, I know. I am sorry for my absence, once again. I thought silencium would be the best way to lead the way for you guys. It’s time to be cryptic, once again. You remember the track “Columbian Soul”? Yeah, I love that one as well. D. Ramirez is a crazy fella’, I am telling you. I remember Erick Morillo to be the same calm guy that suddenly makes the sudden turn to the dirty electro B-side on the 12″. Oh, right… the 12 inch vinyls are from a past saga, long forgotten.

So, I tweaked down my hi’s and lo’s on the mixer, and faded in the ultimate track, “Columbian Soul” – the original one. I remember how the strobe was flashing. Sampled a short loop from my long time favorite “Bleeep” by Mr Ten Velden the Dutch. The bleeps started with a low pitch, and I had a flanger effect to make the experience a bit “out of this world”. Stump stump, and my heart was pumping as the song came to the climax, you know the 1 minute climax that we all progressive lovers call “the minute crunch”. Here, my friends is the critical moment to make the move. A MIDI signal tweaked to a wired box we all know as the “groove box”. Hell yeah, sure it knew that the time was coming, and within milliseconds it responded with a full blast of pounding bass.

Once you feel the groove coming, you don’t have to think what the next step should be. The past and the future are fused together and will tell what you feel at the very moment. The present.