About Sound4Sina

Sound4Sina Productions has been around since 2003 and is the creation of Sina’s demanding music habit.


I started Sound4Sina.com as an initiative for a school project in web design sometime around 2002. While figuring out intuitive concepts to present music-related content with HTML and primitive CSS, I was simultaneously in the midst of exploring equipment for my home studio. Years before this, in the late 90’s, I purchased a Roland Groovebox MC-303 as part of my setup, followed by a BOSS “Dr Sample” SP-303 in 2001. From that point and forward, my gear changed several times over the years, along with several different iterations and versions of my website. A simple school project turned into a dedicated website for my demanding interest for music, with a great emphasis on my biggest interest – all things electronic (music). I have played keyboards and synthesizers for over 20 years, and this website is my repository for some of the thoughts and digital bits that I ended up documenting online. Enjoy!

About Sina

Sina was born in Persia in the mid 80’s. From the northern county near the Caspian Sea [Guilan] he soon moved to Sweden with his family. He was now only 1½ years old when he moved to Malmoe. In this beautiful city he grew up and made friends, finished compulsory school, completed upper secondary school in the field of natural sciences and continued his graduate studies in Medical Sciences and Engineering.

To go back to his musical career we’ll have to turn back time;
His musical interest began in the early 90’s when he started to take keyboard classes. His aggressively demanding music habit didn’t show off until the mid 90’s when he started his own projects with the Roland synthesizer (Roland E-20). It turned out to be a (healthy) addiction for him, something of which great time and love was devoted into. The sounds of electronic music aroused his keen mind, and he defined his own style of rhythms.

Eventually in 2003, he decided to do some research about oriental music. Being introduced to a wider audience at parties and events, he got interested to know more about the theories behind those beautiful sounds that are known as the quarter tones. He then started the Project that was called Project: Oriental Music. He began working on several compositions, and it took him almost 1½ years to complete the basics of the oriental music.

In December 2004 he performed and presented the project to school staff and students. Months of hard work had paid off as he received positive feedback from the communities and people, including school staff and the principal. Finally, in June 2005 he also got awarded a scholarship and a prize for the best project of the year in the category of Music at S:t Petri Gymnasium (upper secondary school). During the same week in June he also got nominated for his project, competing among students with top projects in the entire Malmoe region.

Quarter Note