About Sound4Sina

Sound4Sina Productions has been around since 2003 and is the creation of Sina’s demanding music habit.


I started Sound4Sina.com as a little web design project back in 2002, spurred by my school initiative. While I was grappling with HTML and rudimentary CSS to craft a user-friendly platform for music-related content, I was also deep into exploring gear for my home studio. Rewind to the late ’90s when I purchased a Roland Groovebox MC-303 as part of my setup, followed by the BOSS “Dr Sample” SP-303 in 2001. From that point onward, my gear lineup underwent several transformations over the years, just like my website, which went through various iterations and versions.

What began as a simple school project soon morphed into a dedicated hub for my insatiable passion for music, with a strong focus on my greatest love—anything and everything related to electronic music. I’ve been tinkering with keyboards and synthesizers for more than two decades (almost three), and this website serves as my digital archive for some of the musings and digital tidbits I’ve put out there on the web. Feel free to explore and enjoy the journey!

About Sina

Sina, born in Persia during the mid-80s, embarked on a journey that transcended geographical boundaries. From the picturesque shores of Guilan, near the Caspian Sea, his family relocated to Sweden, where he settled in Malmoe at the tender age of 1½. Within this charming city, he cultivated lasting friendships, completed his compulsory and upper secondary education, specializing in natural sciences, and continued his academic pursuits in the realm of Medical Sciences and Engineering.

Delving into his musical odyssey, we must rewind the clock to his early years. The spark of his musical curiosity ignited in the early 90s when he commenced keyboard lessons. However, it wasn’t until the mid-90s, with the acquisition of a Roland synthesizer (the Roland E-20), that his fervor for music truly manifested. This passion, rather than a mere pastime, evolved into a (wholesome) addiction, capturing his heart and dedication. It was the ethereal melodies of electronic music that galvanized his inquisitive spirit, leading him to craft his own distinctive rhythmic style.

In 2003, his fascination with oriental music beckoned him into the realm of research. As his compositions graced parties and events, his desire to unravel the intricacies of quarter tones, the soul of this mesmerizing genre, grew stronger. Thus, “Project: Oriental Music” was born. Months of tireless work culminated in a presentation to the school community in December 2004, yielding praise and admiration from peers, faculty, and even the school principal. In June 2005, this dedication bore fruit as he received a prestigious scholarship and accolade for the best project in the Music category at S:t Petri Gymnasium, competing among the cream of projects across the entire Malmoe region.

This chronicle of Sina’s multifaceted journey seamlessly weaves together his love for music, academic pursuits, and a thirst for discovery, forming a remarkable tapestry of his life’s adventures. Welcome to Sound4Sina.

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