Alesis announces iPad Docks for drummers and guitarists at NAMM 2012

This year’s trend at NAMM was undoubtedly the iPad. In fact, most companies had either incorporated and adapted the functionality of the tablet device with their existing products, or found other innovative ways to make use of it. For instance, SyncKontrol for iOS (iPad & iPhone) which allows tempo control to Korg Monotribe and synchronization through WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) to iElectribe for iPad. Alesis, on the other hand, continue making way for themselves by expanding their selection of iPad docks with two new models:

DM Dock and AmpDock, which are supposed to be used by drummers and guitarists.

The idea behind the original IO DOCK from Alesis is simple and inventive. Plug your iPhone into a hardware station, and it gives you all the connections that you would find on your musical instruments and devices. I am talking about MIDI, audio in and out, and microphone connections.

The new docking stations, however, differ in several ways from the original. First, they are made with purpose of only doing one thing. Second, the docking stations are now more robust and have a really good sturdy feeling to them.

AmpDock is a guitar pedal that utilizes iPad’s processor for creating powerful effects. It works with any audio applications and supports Core MIDI. The docking station comes with a pedal controller that allow the user to control effects, programs, volume and on/off. The  docking station has six quick knobs that can adjust various effect parameters. And for all drummers that make use of digital drums comes the DM Dock with the big touchscreen of the iPad for easy visual control. It has 13 built-in inputs for triggering, and it is possible to transform an iPad as a main device for the drums. In addition to connections for MIDI (both input and output), there is also an audio input for external signal mixing.