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Off topic: Freaky Ta – The Industry

Freaky Ta

Met these guys on Madison Ave. They are the Freaky Ta crew, they just released their first mixtape so I got two promo CD’s and a flyer plus some nice flickr worthy photographs. Oh, and I also donated $11. Kind of cheezy, but hey… musicians need support!

This is however non-electronic music; Hip-Hop.

And I love that Tony Montana jacket. “I always tell the truth, even when I lie”

Solidarity one, Utopia zero – DEEP bumpy techy house

We had the time of our lives. We’ve been inspired, we’ve been cultivated and we always stay strong. Running for better things to achieve, we find new ways to differentiate from others. Our business culture is about mutual benefits and 100 percent accuracy in our performance. Our strive is to obtain efficacy and making an exponential business growth overseas.

Let’s say I am a part of this cultural ramble. Can I be liable for any fortcoming failure as much as I (indeed) can benefit from the success we are seeing today?

Todays’ mix pick (read: the smash hit) is solely based on my personal (modest) appreciation for the opposite sex behind the X-fader. So hot, and so intelligent – honesty in a “cherry picking” way of (not so randomly) playing a session that is, far far better than “the other” disposable session I was supposed to post.

Footwork opening set for Steve Porter (July 2008)

DEEP bumpy techy house – DJ Aleksandra