Disappointing “unreleased” track by David Guetta at Beatport

I actually never noticed this until today, when I read the ad about David Guettas unreleased track which has been offered for free at Beatport. After having listened to the track, it almost felt like a newbie had been playing around in Fruity Loops or Acid. What a disappointment!
The track is called “Jack is Back” and David explains:

‘Jack is Back’ has a real old school, acid house feeling; it’s totally different from my usual stuff, but is as much a reflection of my taste as my crossover productions.
If you have never heard me DJ, this might surprise you, but if you have spent the early hours in a club with me, you won’t be shocked.
There are some very cool DJs supporting it – we mailed it unannounced just before WMC and I love that I’m back in their boxes; as much as I love making hits like ‘Love Is Gone’ which reaches outside of our culture.”

Oh boy, I am even more dissapointed! Old school acid house feeling?
Nuff’ said – I’ll just delete the song and forget about all this mess.
VIP-tracks… anyone? ;)