A dissapointing day at the Macworld 2009 Keynote

Phil Schiller just announced their new products at the Macworld 2009 keynote (sorry, but no Steve Jobs this time. Thanks for the time being, Stevie.):

– iWork ’09
– iLife ’09
– 17-inch MacBook Pro

plus… DRM-free music in iTunes (w/ 256 kbps AAC encoding),
3G music download over iTunes,
iTunes Plus (upgrade to non-DRM on previously purchased songs on iTunes)

Thank you Phil, but not good enough. What happened to the iMac and Mac mini?

Now, heading off to CES in Vegas baby!

Edit [11:17 PM]: Apple Inc. (AAPL) stocks stumbled around 10PM this morning, just about the time where all major products were introduced at the keynote. Now, around 11PM it is going up. As a comparison  HP, Microsoft, Dell and Google all went up until now. Oh yeah, AAPL is keeping up.

Edit 2 [1:05 PM]:  UPDATE 2-Apple disappoints–no Jobs or big news at Macworld

Apple shares slid 0.7 percent, lagging by far the Nasdaq’s 1.7 percent gain, reflecting frustration over the lack of news from the trade conference that had previously introduced the iPhone to the world.