(Happy) New Year, Better Twirls and Web 2.0

Happy New Year!  Feliz Ano Novo! Saale No Mobarak!

The hard rock trooper is here to stay. Nueva York will never be the same again. Goodbye 2000eight and Oi 2009. Thanks to ALL S4S supporters for hanging out in my (our) neck of the woods. 2008 was a “holly molly guacamole” year for all of us, wasn’t it?

1st – the introduction of IAM which has been under development by a bunch of masterminds all around the world since early 2008. The idea of IAM came back in the days when I started with sound modeling.  Great success!

2nd – the EP mixes which has been downloaded by you out there. Thank you!

3rd –  Future development of Sound4Sina, Limited Infinity and other projects I’ve had in mind. Yes, there will be a very intuitive Web 2.0 concept over the website in which I have been working late nights to accomplish. A reasonable time for the public site release will be decided as soon as our team has gathered and planned the future of S4S and LI. I am planning to use a wide variety of Web 2.0 (and Web 3.0) features. I’ve been coding and experimenting with CSS3 (which is not yet fully developed by W3C) and jQuery in my spare time (that means late nights after work). Implementation of Social Media is an essential key for bringing people together. Will be added for sure.

The consistent popularity of mainstream music is a chapter long forgotten. Being an extremely tech savvy person myself, I still neglect a variety of mainstream sources and solitude myself to what I believe is the future of the internet. A subcultural off-peak in technological terms is just about to happen (actually, it already happened). Web 2.0 is a continually evolving “technology” with a progressive interconnectivity infrastructure which is highly embraced by web strategists, thus the technology benefits from a continual content aggregation from users and henceforth not depending on static information input.

So what does this mean?

Well, I reckon the feed aggregation from a wide audience rather than narrowed information input from one source. This is what the general idea of Internet was from the early days. If we consider Internet as a bilateral aggregator, we’d end up with a single arrayed conversation between the source and the audience. Opening up one port, let’s say a comments field; it will give feedback, however only for those that visit that specific post and not the majority of people outside the community. Now, if  a XMPP client is deployed on the site it will not only attract the frequent visitors, but also give notice to the world wide web and let it know that the post about XYZ is available and has been posted.

By summarizing the concept, it will give us the acronym SLATES

1. “Search: the ease of finding information through keyword search which makes the platform valuable.
2. Links: guides to important pieces of information. The best pages are the most frequently linked to.
3. Authoring: the ability to create constantly updating content over a platform that is shifted from being the creation of a few to being the constantly updated, interlinked work. In wikis, the content is iterative in the sense that the people undo and redo each other’s work. In blogs, content is cumulative in that posts and comments of individuals are accumulated over time.
4. Tags: categorization of content by creating tags that are simple, one-word descriptions to facilitate searching and avoid rigid, pre-made categories.
5. Extensions: automation of some of the work and pattern matching by using algorithms e.g. amazon.com recommendations.
6. Signals: the use of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology to notify users with any changes of the content by sending e-mails to them.”

I have received e-mails from people wishing to see more content on the website. I hope this post has given you the hint. One very common asked question is why I very often use aliases on my releases. Yes, there is a lack of information out there about us; me and the S4S crew. But let us say it with simple words that our idea is to make music and develop our ideas into artwork. My passion is music, technology and the human/computer interaction. My professional background (what I do for living) is somehow not related to music, but takes up alot of my time. The coin has two sides (you’d say that, wouldn’t you?) – But I see the crossing which people usually forget to mention. There is a slight chance that the unfathomable and infinite side is a loop of sides. Is it possible to see both sides of the coin from one point of view?

Well, that is what makes S4S unique. Depicting artwork into waves. Art is creativity, waves are sounds. Mix this and a rock-steady flock of harmony will surround you.

Happy New Year and may the wise mind be with you! ;-)

TRNSTN 8 – February 31st ’09 // don’t miss it!