Pick-A-Mix: Laszlo – Njiiihahahaa – Mix Set

In a previous post I picked a mix session (Sundeck Silvertejp) by DJ Laszlo. Visited his website (blog) the other day and found out that he had released another awesome session with a bunch of personal favorite tracks. The mix is smooth and starts very downbeat and deep, then find its way to some more progressive tracks. Oxia, John Cutler, Dahlbäck, Leger… and YAZOO! Coincidence or simply a great track? Yazoo – Don’t Go! (yeah, I also mixed it in my latest EP19 Mix). Check it out, I highly recommend this mix. Sonido Electronico baby!

DOWNLOAD [website not available anymore]


01. Télépopmusik – Love can damage your health (Abicah Soul & Dennis Ferrer Mix)
02. Nufrequency feat. Sarah Nelson – Go that deep (Skylark Vocal Mix)
03. Manuel Tur and Dplay – Deviate
04. Filur -You and I (Trentemöller Remix)
05. Oxia vs. Ginos and Snake – Seven (Sarah Goldfarb Remix)
06. Skylark – Too much information (Manuel Tur Remix)
07. Jon Cutler and Matthias Heilbronn – 640 (JCMH Original Mix)
08. Little Louie Vega feat. Mr. V – Jus dance (Cosmic Ritual Dub)
09. Dennis Ferrer and Jerome Sydenham – Sandcastles (Pete Heller Filter Re-edit)
10. Miguel Migs – Fine what’s mine (Mig’s Yoshi Moody Dub)
11. Son of Raw – A black man in space (Sax mix)
12. Ane Brun – Headphone Silence (Henrich Schwarz Remix / Dennis Ferrer Noizy Edit)
13. Christian Malloni – On our way (Manuel Sahagun Remix)
14. Giano – Wjsd (Fred Everythin & Jt Donaldson Remix)
15. Jon Cutler feat. E-man – It’s yours (David Penn Dub)
16. Skylark – Who cares (Stryke’s Respect Remix)
17. Yazoo – Don’t go (Re-re-mix)
18. John Dahlbäck – Pyramid
19. Sebastien Leger – Bambou
20. Pryda – Rakfunk