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Ethnic Chillout meet Disco Music: Sina ft. Bahramji & Mashti

A few months ago, I received a YouTube message from a quite interesting person. It was a short and brief message in response to one of my music video uploads. To my surprise, it was signed Mashti, which is the alter ego of an ethnic chillout artist, known for his tremendesouly perfected collaborations with Bahramji. I had uploaded several of their songs from the album Sufiyan, mainly as a way to promote their work and show my appreciation to their immensely harmonic and soothing music.

I became aware of Bahramji by coincidence, of my assertively dedication to Digitally Imported in 2005. In fact, the Chillout music channel was broadcasting continuously in my speakers, many days up to 16 hours. Internet radio was in its infancy days, and á la carte streaming services were not publically offered, hence making DI the major internet radio provider that streamed unlimited electronic music. I spent much time listening to Downbeat and Chillout, which included Buddha Bar compilations and mixes. It inspired me to start exploring and learning more about these genres.

In early 2011, I released Sina ft. Bahramji and Mashti – Soul Awareness, and now I am, little more than a year after releasing that track, releasing yet another experimental track, Blue Nile Runaway (2012 Disco Remix). It is available for download on my website and blog, and of course on YouTube (for listening).

Track info: 320 kbps 110 BPM Song key: A m

More music by Bahramji & Mashti

Please take a minute to listen to other music tracks by Bahramji and Mashti.  You can support the artists by purchasing their tracks.

[links removed – Sina 2017]

May EP25 Progressive Mix

Download May EP25 Progressive Mix
[116 MB | 85 min]


The Temper Trap – Science of fear (Michael Woods Remix)
Mentelibre – Mi Alma (Namito Remix)
Juan Magan – Una Rosa (Victor Magan Remix)
Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love (Dave Ramone & Alaa ft Xin’aa Remix)
Nalin Kane – Beachball (Grant Nelson Remix)
Whelan & Di Scala – Big Apple (Original Mix)
Criminal Vibes – Saxone (Original Mix)
Dr Bellido & Roger G – A Luz De Tieta
Paul Gasille – Housecall (Enton Mushi Remix)
Pleasure Sound – Essential (Original Mix)
Slajh (Steve Lawler) – Red Carpet Mile (Original Mix)
Inna – Hot (E2Beatz & Xin’aa Remake Mix)
DJ Dalysovich – Sunkissed (Original Mix)
S Groove – Sneakin’ Up (Stan Kolev Remix)
Cirez D – Fast Forward (Original Mix)
Giulio LNT – Hello Chicago (Original Mix)

EP24 Carpe Noctem Deep Progressive Mix

Download EP24 Carpe Noctem Deep Progressive Mix
[92 min | 107 MB]

How am I supposed to give this EP mix a fair presentation? This is by far the most intriguing and self-explanatory episode I have done so far. Deep meets Progressive in a big House! Carpe Noctem, which means “Seize the Night” is a story line.
Ep24 consists of a twenty-something minutes long introduction with a levitating ambiance of big spaces and echoing shatters. I was trying to recreate something out of this world without pushing it to the limit. I’d like to call it a sincere sloppiness of sounds. Before making an anticlimactic transition around the 30-ish minute, I make sure to blend a touch of Empire of The Sun with their Walking On A Tree. From this point I make sure to lift the mix with a range of great tracks. You’ve probably been peeking on the tracklist, so the musical goodies have already been spotted. I’ll let you put the rest of this story together. Let’s rumble, ayy!


Sidekick – Deep Fear (Sina’s Phobia/Andrea Roma Mashup)
Christian Smith & John Selway – Daytona
Nemanja Kostic – Orion
Bob Sinclair ft Dirty South – The Russian March
Belocca vs Empire of The Sun – Walking On A Plastic Crock (Bartosz Brenes Mashup)
Leventina – Attitude (Dub Mix)
Tom Stephan & Pete Gleadall ft Rowetta – Lights Out (Eric Entrena Mix)
Miguel Luismi Lopez – Hard Rain
Paolo Driver & Stoned Chicken – Miss Sarabanda ft. Esmeralda (Riva Starr Remix)
Paul Thomas & Sonny Wharton – Cashback (Rosie Romero & Mark Holmes Remix)
Lentos – Forget About Us Barnes And Heat
Nirvana – Teen Spirit (Mobin Master Remix)
Lorcan Mak – Gypsy Bum (Rubix Refix)
Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez – Mueve Su Pelo (Gregor Salto Remix)
Jerry Ropero & Tom Novy – Touch Me ft Abigail (Extended)
Funkagenda vs Eurythmics – Sweet F**k
Jonathan Landossa vs Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Rulezzz (Bartosz Brenes Mashup)

October EP23 Mueve Su Pelo House Mix

Download October EP23 “Mueve Su Pelo” Mix
[74 min | 85 MB]

Yet another monthly EP mix is out! I’m so glad to see that people from all corners of the world are downloading my EP mixes. Every now and then we receive comments and gratitude from fans that enjoy the EP mixes on their MP3-players and at their parties. It’s quite humbling and we’re glad that you enjoy our music as mush as we love it. Sonido Electronico!

Dedicated to my fellow “South America”-loving friends. You know who you are.

Dancing samba
Mira como mueve su pelo
El mundo entero
Le tiene celo
Ella se mueve like nothing else matters
Getting closer, me vuelvo el miedo
Como decir, cuanto te quiero


Ovidi Adlert – Afrikan Feeling (Aitor Galan Mix)
Alex Under Base – Privacy
R.E.M ft. Thomas Gold – Losing My Religion
Round Table Knights – Belly Dance
Jason Rivas – Carnivale (Original Club Mix)
Adrian Lux – Can’t Sleep (Ali Payami Remix)
Bob Sinclair ft. Kevin Lyttle – Belly Dancer
Paolo Mojo – The Dancer (Original Mix)
Patrick La Funk – Yeah (Darwin & Backwell Mix)
Da Fresh – Yesterday (Zoo Brazil Remix)
Alex Barroso ft. Rebeka Brown – This is My Life
SHM & Laidback Luke – Leave The World Behind (Isle Mix)
Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez – Mueve Su Pelo