October EP23 Mueve Su Pelo House Mix

Download October EP23 “Mueve Su Pelo” Mix
[74 min | 85 MB]

Yet another monthly EP mix is out! I’m so glad to see that people from all corners of the world are downloading my EP mixes. Every now and then we receive comments and gratitude from fans that enjoy the EP mixes on their MP3-players and at their parties. It’s quite humbling and we’re glad that you enjoy our music as mush as we love it. Sonido Electronico!

Dedicated to my fellow “South America”-loving friends. You know who you are.

Dancing samba
Mira como mueve su pelo
El mundo entero
Le tiene celo
Ella se mueve like nothing else matters
Getting closer, me vuelvo el miedo
Como decir, cuanto te quiero


Ovidi Adlert – Afrikan Feeling (Aitor Galan Mix)
Alex Under Base – Privacy
R.E.M ft. Thomas Gold – Losing My Religion
Round Table Knights – Belly Dance
Jason Rivas – Carnivale (Original Club Mix)
Adrian Lux – Can’t Sleep (Ali Payami Remix)
Bob Sinclair ft. Kevin Lyttle – Belly Dancer
Paolo Mojo – The Dancer (Original Mix)
Patrick La Funk – Yeah (Darwin & Backwell Mix)
Da Fresh – Yesterday (Zoo Brazil Remix)
Alex Barroso ft. Rebeka Brown – This is My Life
SHM & Laidback Luke – Leave The World Behind (Isle Mix)
Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez – Mueve Su Pelo