My donation to ‘Charity: Water’: NYC Twestival 2009

Twestival NYC 2009

What if we all could gather and contribute a small donation to third world countries. A small donation for the deprived, a bit of sharing for the sake of our self-consciousness and a boost of buoyancy to our self-centeredness. Or shall I say; what if we could gather the geekiest Web 2.0 community and make a united contribution to our planetary fellows?

Commiserated, and still privileged. That’s what lies in my hideous mind. Still, I wake up every morning and contribute to people in need. Okay, I am almost touching the final deceptive punch now, so hang in there. The fact that I have a daily routine for processing a heck load of patient blood samples, through a magical (and very secret) process from a paper-like membrane with DNA (which initially was delivered as a whole blood sample by UPS or FedEX), to the final stage where I decide whether a patient has the right genetic formula for an organ transplantation. Surrounded by efficient technology and two pioneers, we do magic and we liberate many many many people from their daily grief. Daily. Seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Not revealing too much, but we are a world class company with a prime position, and with tiny insignificant competitors around the world that simply doesn’t have the knowledge or the technology to accomplish the great task of high resolution HLA typing, fast paced and streamlined processing with minimal hassle (I repeat: minimal hassle).

So getting to my point by this nice rhetorical segway: On February 12th I will join the Charity: Water gathering here in New York City, along with the tweeting community around the world, we will donate $20 each (or $100 for the highly generous Le Sacré-Cœur’s) to help the 1.1 billion people that (quoting from Charity: Water’s website) “don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water”.

Yes people, it is time to step forward and lend a share to our mates, just for the sake of our karma and whatever you may believe is considered as a good cause for the humanity. I am going just to satisfy my social-addictive musical needs, and not to mention – for the free drinks that will be served! Followed by a LMAO :)

I’ll see you there, 7:30 PM on Thursday February 12th  – sharp!

Charity: Water

NYC Twestival 2009