What about the summer?

I know…I promised to avoid music production during the summer season..
BUT, I just want to share the information regarding the Autumn Mixes 2007. I’ll be mixing and producing music from the deep-progg-house/techno producer Christian Paduraru which I’ve mixed before in my monthly EP mixes. Some tasty demo will be up as soon as I’ve re-mastered the first song (it’s a demo song… although it has a decent vibe) (H)

 Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have played and mixed another song for the “Persian Progressive Remixes” which is called “Naameh” (I wrote you a Letter). The first two songs (Our Iran and Gole Maryam) have been seeded and leeched (uploaded and download) from various torrent (p2p) sites as promo materials. However, I can tell that the compilation for the album is not finished in its entirety…oh no, not yet… :)