Sound4Sina is Taking A New Turn

Gadgets InvertedYou might have noticed some changes on the blog.
I have trimmed down a bunch of stuff and added several lines of new code (!) to the blog. And… started promoting my newsletter(s). Here’s the rundown:

What happened to the old landing page?

The old landing page ( has been retired, and a new page is to be launched soon. Meanwhile, a new temporary landing page has replaced the old one.
Most of the old content is still available through search engines, since I figured that they seem to have only a few visitors anyway. They will be transferred to the new website at some point.

All was foretold me; naught
Could I foresee;
But I learn’d how the wind would sound
After these things should be.
– Edward Thomas, The New House

You haven’t released any new EP Mixes. Why not? Will they come back?

I didn’t have enough time to work on the mix sets, and the EP Mixes were not priority, unfortunately. However, I will bring back the EP Mixes and keep releasing them bimonthly (every two months) to start with, and I may be able to allow guest submissions for a new mix series. (Haven’t figured out the name yet!)

What other plans do you have?

I am actually not driven by any guidelines or must-do’s. The music was always a side-project of mine, but I figured that the website needed a face lift and perhaps a new direction. Mostly so I can get back on track with the music again, and start working on some new projects.

I just come to your website to download free music. What about me?

I am trying to figure out a way to distribute my music that differ from the tradition “click and download”. And I don’t mean that the content will be monetized or that I will charge for anything. No, actually I just want to allow a better stream of followers rather than single visitors that don’t engage. While I had a good amount of followers throughout the years, the mailing lists that I had, contained too many bounce-backs. Hotmail, Aol and Yahoo seem to be obsolete these days :)

What can I do?

All I ask for is that you enter your email (and name, although optional) so I can start fresh with a new mailing list to offer better marketing campaigns and awesome newsletters.

Of course, this is partly to comply with CAN-SPAM and Swedish Marketing Act (Swedish Code of Statutes, SFS 1995:450).

[Disclaimer: I will be using Mailchimp as a provider, which is way better than my previous mailing system.]